About Your Computer Coach

Hello, my name is Darrell Hyatt. I help entrepreneurs and small business with their podcast/video creation and production questions and problems.

The creation process should be enjoyable every step of the way; when there are challenges or problems along the way it can become frustrating and, therefore, less creative. I am here to assist you in becoming your most creative again, by helping you deal with your questions and challenges quickly and effectively.

My interest in audio began with my first cassette player; the ability to record sound and manipulate it has always intrigued me. Along came computers and here I found what I call the “magic box” that could do anything, take you anywhere.

The more I could do with the tools, the more I wanted to do. Adding video to what I was already able to do gave me a way to see the world from a different perspective. My goal is to make these tools easy for you to use.

I understand the learning process can be frustrating and time consuming, you may even feel like giving up. I have been where you are. When I started, I was fortunate to have individuals who were willing to help me with my questions and get me through the tough times when trying to learn something new.

I have been involved in the computer industry for 39 years in a variety of ways including operator, support and training roles. As a computer instructor, I have been asked by clients to assist them with producing and editing video using the computer.

I love taking pictures, capturing images from a new perspective. I enjoy listening to music while sitting at my computer working.

I invite you to visit www.computerswithease.com to access other valuable resources, leave me a comment about what you would like to see here. Thank you