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Good afternoon everyone in today’s episode. I thought I would talk about my individual editing workflow that I use for my podcasts, and I’m going to start with a couple of questions for you.

What is the workflow that you currently follow when you are doing your podcasts, whether it be audio podcasts or video podcasts? The other question is how much editing do you do and what programs do you use? I’m am going to talk about not only the process that I use but some of the software that I use as well.

Once I create the actual recording of the podcast, then I begin the editing workflow portion and just so you know I use a Rodecaster Pro with a Rode Pod mic to actually do the recording of the podcast. and as I say once I start the editing process I begin by removing the background noise that’s inherent in any podcast, no matter how you record it, there’s always background noise unless you’re in a professional recording studio which I’m sure most of us are not.

Then I add any gain or volume increase as necessary throughout the recording and then finally I go and I remove any unwanted noise unwanted words like um ,ah all of those annoying things that we all tend to do, sometimes without even knowing it.

Now in terms of software that I use for the editing process I use a program called wave pad. I will put a link to it in the notes. There is a paid version and a free version of the software. I’m currently looking at experimenting with other programs, but this is the one that I’ve been using pretty much since day one. When I started my podcast what seems to be a long, long time ago now.

Finally the question of how long are my podcast. It depends on each episode, and the length of the episode also dictates to a certain degree, how long it takes to edit because the longer the episode the more editing that may be required so it’s an individual thing. But certainly once you find a process that works for you stick with it and make adjustments as necessary. If you find something isn’t working for you or you find a way to improve the overall productivity of your podcasts or the quality of podcast itself. I hope this is been helpful.

I would love to hear your comments and questions, email me at info@computers and if you like to stay up to date with this podcast., please feel free to subscribe to my email list. I look forward to speaking with you.



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