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Hello and welcome to the computers with ease podcast where we talk about all things related to audio and video.

In this episode I’m going to talk about how to do audio editing without driving yourself crazy, and the first thing you want to talk about is not necessarily related to editing itself, but you have to record your audio before you can edit the audio that you’ve just created. So my thoughts on recording a podcast or whatever it is that your doing is use whatever method of recording you have at the time.

The next step in audio editing is to come up with a process for editing, and what that means to me is okay what steps am I going to follow when I think about editing this podcast so that I can put it out in the world in whatever way that is for you. One of the things that I think about here in terms of process is make it easy to follow and something simple.

Now you can start editing almost anywhere and in my case it took a while for me to figure out the process that works for me in terms of editing and I’ll be covering that more specifically in a separate podcast.

Now one of the first editing steps is to remove the background noise in the recording, and that could be anything from electronic noise from a fan or computer or something to outside noises from the environment outside of wherever you recording. Another frequent thing that is found in recordings mine included is when you say um, ah or some other sound when you have a moment of I’m not sure what to say.

There’s also the question of volume of your recording, you want a consistent volume level across the entire podcast and you may find that you have to raise the volume on a certain portion and lower it in other places. Or if you’ve got several individuals that are part of your podcast one person’s voice maybe louder than another persons and so on and so you have to try and balance that.

One of the other things that I’ve noticed while, I’ve been doing my podcast is depending on your style and your pace you may find that there is blank space in your recording that is longer than you want, and you may want to trim that out.

Another thing that you may want to do in your podcast that may require some adjustments is if you add intro or outro music similar to what I have at the beginning and end of all of my podcast episodes, and once you got you music in at, the beginning or end, or in between your segments and you’ve done all your editing and you’re happy with your result.

Then you want to finalize recording and prepare it for posting to whatever website or podcast service that you are using, and you may want to add that to your editing process as I generally do so that when I’m done the editing process the podcast is completely done it ready to go.

The last step in considering your editing so you don’t drive yourself crazy is evaluate your overall process and then make changes as necessary. And here I have a suggestion for you is, when you are going to start doing a podcast start writing down each of the steps you do and the order in which you do them so that you have an idea of your overall process and you can start there and work your way through it and see if there’s any changes that you need to do.

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