Covid 19 – from a creators viewpoint


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Good afternoon everyone, today I wanted to do something a little different. I want to talk about what’s going on with the Covid 19 situation and I want to talk about it from the perspective of a creator. Since I do a podcast and there’s many of us that do as well as others that create in many different ways.

Speaking for me, I found that I thought initially that oh boy. This would be nice to have some quiet time without all the distractions and be able to get some things done. One of which was work on my website and several other things.

And I also thought I would be able to put out more podcasts in a short period of time because their wouldn’t be as many distractions and etc. etc. etc. but that has certainly not been the case for me anyway. I found the exact opposite.

There’s been more distractions, instead of less with all the important news and so on That has been part of this Covid 19 situation, It’s just been a total mind draining experience, both mentally and physically. And I don’t say that to insinuate that myself and others are not interested in what’s going on. It’s just that is so much coming at us all so fast that our minds and our bodies just can’t keep up.

I don’t have the energy to do both, listen to what’s going on about the situation and create content at the same time. One of my biggest difficulties is trying to remain calm and positive. You know, it’s just a matter of I can’t keep up, and by the end of the day I’m so mentally burned out that I have to say to myself, I’ll try and do better tomorrow.

So one of the things I wanted to say to everyone else out there who’s the creator and as well for those who are not necessarily, but are busy with all the other things that are part of life at this time. Be kind to yourself, don’t be too hard on yourself, give yourself and everyone else around you and those close to you. You care about. Give them a break. Take time to do the small things that will energize yourself and keep you going for the next day and the day after that, because when I think about everything’s going on one day at a time is the only way that I can handle all of this major stuff, and there’s no point being hard on our self and trying to think a week, a month ahead because it just going to overwhelm us all.

So once again be kind to yourself. Do something nice for you, and your families and your friends as often as you can, and we will all get through it and be better for it. When we are through it. Thank you very much for listening.

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