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I’ve been using the Rodecaster Pro for a while now, and recently they brought out a firmware update version 2.1 beta. I’ve been using it and one of the features that I really like, now that I’ve had more time to work with it is the noise gate.

Before this update we were unable to make adjustments to any of the settings, and even though they were reasonable and worked well, having the ability to make adjustments has made a big difference for me, particularly with the noise gate.

Because I always found that once I was done recording and transferred it to my computer there was always a noise in the background that I had to eliminate in post production and sometimes that took several attempts to get that cleaned up without distorting the rest of my podcast.

Now I’m finding with the ability to make the adjustments to the noise gate I’m more able to tailor the noise gate and what it eliminates for me and I can tailor to my individual room here where I record my podcasts so I really have found it beneficial. It does take some experimentation and some tweaking to the settings to get it to work properly.

But I recommend just adjusting your settings and then doing a plain recording with a little bit of empty room tone at the beginning and then doing say five or ten seconds of speech and then having more empty room tone at the end. Having the empty room tone at the beginning and the end will help to show you what sort of noise there is in your room, and then you’ll be able to make better adjustments as you go on the noise gate. Then each time you make an adjustment to the noise gate go ahead and do another short sample recording and then that way you can compare and decide what which is the best noise gate setting for your particular situation. I hope this tip has been helpful and thank you very much for listening.

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