Rodecaster update 2.1 beta – my thoughts


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Hello everyone, I wanted to do another podcast since I hadn’t done for one for a while due to everything’s been going on and recently I found out about the beta release of the update the software for the Rode caster pro.

I wanted to talk about some of the changes that they made to it that those of us that use it may well be interested in as well as anyone who is considering purchasing it. One of the first things that I noticed was they had given us the ability to change the meters on the main display with numbers that are related to the decibel settings, that you’re used to seeing on other audio equipment.

It makes it much easier for us to get an actual reading on our levels and it’s not so much guesswork as it were, it’s much more accurate and reliable makes it easier for us when were working in post production.

One of the other big changes they have made that is going to be a game changer for people like myself is we now have access to the settings for the different items such as the compressor, the aphex, the reverb and all the other options that we have in terms the tools we can now adjust those within the road caster and within the app software as well.

So this makes the device much more like an actual mixer where you’ve got control over the settings and this means in my case certainly, I can adjust the settings based on my room where I do my podcast and it gives me much more flexibility, and I’m very grateful for this upgrade and change.

Now when it comes to the companion app, they have also made changes here. One of the changes that made is you can now go to what they’re calling a small size on the companion app. It shrinks the actual app in size so that if your screen is somewhat small and you have other things on your computer screen same time, you can now resize the companion up to a smaller size to give you more working space on your screen, so that’s a nice little change.

The other change that they’ve made is you’ve now got something called the effects editor, which is you can adjust all the items that I mentioned earlier, such as the aphex, noise gate and so on. You can actually adjust in the companion app as well as the Rode caster, and wherever you adjust them, they will be kept and passed over to the either the road caster if you adjust it from the app or vice versa. So you only have to make the changes in one place and not in both.

Another change that I find really helpful is now you have the option when you do a file transfer through the transfer mode from your Rodecaster on your computer, you can save the file, either as a WAV file or as an MP3 file which means that you don’t have to do a conversion, later on into a different format.

Since, for example I upload my files as MP3s, I can automatically save them as an MP3 from the Rodecaster and I don’t have to switch them over later before I uploaded so on. That saves me an extra step in postproduction.

Finally the other change that I want to mention is now on the sound pads you can do an overdub so that you can have two items mixed together on one sound pad. So for example, you can have a sound and then you could overdub some speech if you wanted. For example, like an introduction to your podcast or whatever you wanted and trigger it with one sound pad. These changes should make the road caster much more flexible and easier for us to use.

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