We can all use a parking lot


Welcome to the computers with ease podcast where we talk about all things related to audio and video. my name is Darrell Hyatt in today’s podcast I wanted to talk about something that drives us all crazy at one time or another.

We all have a lot of things on the go whether it be projects etc, how do we keep track of everything when we got so much going on and ideas keep popping into our head or tasks come up that we remember that we need to do and how do we keep it all straight.

One of the ways that I do it is with what’s called a parking lot you can call it anything you want but the term parking lot comes from my instructor training, and what it is simply a place where you can jot down ideas and things that you want to keep track of that you don’t want to forget but are not necessarily related to the task that you’re working on at the moment.

So you put them down on a piece of paper or whatever it is you want and there the information will sit until you’re ready to deal with it or use it thus that’s why it’s called a parking lot.

For me what it allows me to do is just when something comes up that is not related to my current project I can simply jot it down and release it from my brain and yet know that I won’t forget it and can go back to it later.

For me the parking lot is simply a blank piece of heavy cardboard and then I use Post-it notes on that piece of cardboard to keep track of the items, and it’s sitting in my office here where I can see it and when I have time I can simply go to that list and say okay I can take care of this item.

Then once I’m done I can remove it from the list and know that I’ve gotten something extra done for the day. This helps me not only stay on track with my jobs that I’m working on, but allows me to have a place to put everything else that comes in my head as I’m working.

I encourage all of you to try using the parking lot idea to help you stay organized not forget important things when they come up for you, and overall make you more productive during your day.

If you have comments or questions please feel free to email me at darrell@computerswiththese.com  Thank you very much.

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