Too long – timing is everything


Welcome to the computers with ease podcast, one of the issues that I struggled with when I first started doing podcasts in 2010 was how long should my podcasts be and since then I’ve discovered shorter is better, and when I say shorter I mean no longer than five minutes maximum and under three minutes is even better.

One of the best ways to help you decide the proper length for your particular podcast is listening to your audience, they will tell you how long your podcast should be by telling you whether they listen to the entire podcast and leave comments for example.

Another way is to review your statistics for each of your podcasts, many platforms will now give you statistics about not only how many people are listening to and downloading your podcasts but also how long each listener listened to your podcast.

One of the things that I recommend if you’ve got a topic that is lengthy is to break the material down into a series of podcasts instead of a single say 10 or 12 minute podcast .Break it into three or four shorter podcasts and put them out as a series of say a week apart I hope this is been helpful.

If you are interested in doing a 20 minute consultation regarding your audio and video needs please email me at Thank you very much for listening.

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