Podcast length – what is best?


Hello and welcome to the computers with ease podcast, on today’s episode I wanted to talk about a subject that initially when I started doing my podcast several years ago was one of my key concerns. The concern I had was how long should my podcast be?

And like many of you who are new to podcasting I had gone on the Internet to see if I could get an answer to that question, and indeed there were several answers available everything ranging from a couple of moments to an hour in length.

The consensus was make the podcast as long as it needed to be to get the information across that you wanted to present in your podcast. If it was a topic that could be broken down into two or three podcasts that was also am a viable option.

Eventually I came to the conclusion that I was better to start recording my podcasts and get a sense for not only my material that I was presenting but also my own unique style, and when I talk about style in terms of the podcasts that I create one of the things that I noticed was my podcasts tended to be a little bit longer because of the material that I was presenting, but also because I tend to take longer breaks between the words and phrases as I’m recording each individual podcast.

Yes I could go through during editing and trim out some of the pauses and try and make them all approximately the same length, and initially that’s what I did I was trying to conform to what I thought was the norm for doing a podcast.

But having done podcasts now for a while I’ve gotten much more comfortable with doing them, much more relaxed and I tend to now just go with whatever feels comfortable in terms of the length, I do try to make notes ahead of time of the key points that I want present in each podcast just so that I stay on track is much as possible.

It also gives me context as to I know when I’ve reached the end because of covered all the points that were on my list, so for me it does really come down to the amount of time that I need to cover the material for each podcast.

I would be very interested to know how you arrived at the length you use for your podcast as well as a link to your podcast itself, if you have any questions or comments or anything you would like to see in the future podcast please leave those in the comments below as well as your specific podcast. Thank you very much.

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