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Hello my name is Darrell Hyatt I would like to welcome you to the computers with ease podcast. On today’s episode I was going to discussed the idea of recording your audio when doing videos as well as podcasts such as this one.

As with video there is also a large number of options when it comes to recording the audio, and I had originally started with just the audio from my camcorder and I was standing about 5 to 6 feet away from the camera and initially I thought this was fine.

But as time went on I began to see how unusable the audio was and at that point I began to explore other options for recording the audio for my videos, and I originally went with an external microphone mounted on my camcorder. This appeared to work reasonably well in the beginning but again as my skill level improved and my needs advanced, I found this was not suitable because it required a lot more time in postproduction to edit out the unwanted noise that the microphone was capturing because of the distance between myself and the camera.

So after some research I head looked at the possibility of recording the video using my camcorder and then recording the audio using a separate recorder and microphone that I simply had on my lap and wore a Lavaliere or clip-on microphone.

I now have a Zoom H4n recorder with a rode LAV plus Lavaliere mic that I use not only for recording my video but I’m also using it for recording the podcast that your hearing now and this method with these pieces of equipment seems to be working extremely well for both purposes.

I know that the additional equipment is somewhat more expensive but in the long run it’s worked out very well for me, because it has cut down on the amount of time that I’m spending in the editing process for both my podcast and my videos.

It’s allowed me to be a lot more creative and generate a lot more content for you the listeners and for me it has definitely been a worthwhile investment and one that I will continue to use for a long time to come.

Let me know what audio challenges you are having as well as how your recording your audio for your videos and or podcasts. I look forward to hearing from you, feel free to visit my website which is you can also email me at Thank you very much.

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  1. Walter says:

    Very good idea Darrell,but I should have known about it at least by last week,too late for our trip.Next time!

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