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Hello and welcome to the computers with ease podcast. I wanted to talk about recording video and some of the ideas and concepts that I found helpful in doing this over the last several years. When I first started it was a matter of I set up the camera and away I went and recorded everything and then looked at it later and went darn I wish I had changed some things, fixed some things.

In the first few videos that I did I had actually the cut off my head at one point and had tended to move around a little more than I should have and that made the video itself difficult to watch as well as hard to edit.

As I got better some of the things that I’ve learned are when you set up the camera no matter which camera are you using, find yourself a good simple background and what I mean by this is say stand or sit in front of a evenly coloured wall with out light switches or anything of that nature in view of your camera.

You want to be sitting or standing somewhere that your comfortable with just to avoid number one being uncomfortable or having people walking in front of you things of that nature. One of the other things that you want to be aware of is make sure that when your setting up your camera you’ve got enough room above your head so that you not going to cut your head off in the shot.

Try not to move around too much with your hands etc. it’s wonderful to be excited and happy about what you doing and enthusiastic, but try not to jump around per se. Stay within the boundaries of what’s within the range of your camera.

Another tip is be prepared to do more than one recording look at them later and choose the best one. Stand or sit as close to your camera as you can well still getting in what you want within the shot particularly if you’re looking for something more then a talking head. Say a shoulders up perspective or even waist up depending on what your trying to achieve you want to as I said also stand or sit as close to the camera as you can to also get the best audio for the recording you can.

I always like to try and do more than one recording just because I usually make a mistake somewhere during the recording and rather then start the whole thing over again I just carry on and I will edit out the mistakes later on, because once you are in the flow of recording carry on and deal with whatever happens unless it’s the catastrophic mistake where you have to start over again.

The key here is practice and keep doing it, you will get better you will have times where you go darn that didn’t go the way I had wanted it to and we all have those and I think of them as learning experiences and try and do better next time. I hope these tips have been helpful.

If you have any questions or anything you would like to see on this podcast please feel free to email me at thank you very much.

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