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Welcome to the computers with ease podcast. One of my favourite things to do is work on audio and video projects, I’ve been doing it for several years now and I wanted to look back at where I had started and give some of my favourite tips as it were.

As I look back on what was important when I started and what I know now, one of the first things I remember is being so afraid of recording either audio or video and not sure what it was going to look like or sound like. Looking back I wish I had just started and done what was in my head at that particular moment.

It doesn’t really matter what equipment you use and to a certain degree the result isn’t as important as the doing. I always thought that I had to have the best equipment possible and I remember reading as much as I could about things such as lighting setups, what equipment we needed, how long the video should be.

Looking at other people’s top 5 top 10 tips and thinking how in the world am I going to remember all of this and just being somewhat overwhelmed and therefore scared to start so it took me quite a while to finally get to the point where I would put a project together record an  audio whatever it was.

Now I have all the tools that I need it’s taken me several years to get to this point, I now have a process that works for me and I want to tell people to get started use whatever you have whether it’s your iPad your phone, your photographic camera for video whatever it is go ahead and use it and create because what I found was the more I did the better the results were and the more that I do the more comfortable I get sitting here as I am now recording this podcast for you.

The more that you do the more ideas that you have, and once you get started everything else will happen and flow and yes as you do more you will want to upgrade your equipment. You will want to change and you will certainly have questions all those things are fine just be willing to keep going.

One of  the other things that I want to make sure that I say is don’t be too hard on yourself, no matter how the project turns out what you think of it give yourself a break and look at it as objectively as you can. It’s not as bad as you think no matter how bad you think it is it’s not that bad. Give yourself credit for doing it and keep doing it.

One of the things that I’ve found is as I have an idea go ahead and do it set up your equipment and do it while you’re thinking about it, you can always work on it later edit it for example whatever as long as you have done it. I found that if I didn’t sit down and do it at the time I was thinking about it, it would get forgotten or never done because other stuff would come up and it never happened so now I tend to when I have an idea I go ahead and do it. If I can’t get to it to edit it or complete it I store it away and will go back to it.

I hope these thoughts and tips have been helpful, if you have any questions please feel free to email me at darrell@computerswithease.com Thank you very much.

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