Dragon Professional Individual – a user perspective


Welcome to the computers with ease podcast. I’m going to talk about one of the programs that I use on a daily basis and that’s Dragon Naturally Speaking, their latest version has been out for a little while now it’s the Dragon professional individual.

This would be if we were counting versions this would be version 14, I have been a Dragon NaturallySpeaking user since version 4. Now that I’ve used the program for several weeks I have found that there are several enhancements that I like a great deal.

The first thing that I noticed him when I installed this version was the fact that it took my previous user file and adapted it to the new formats for the program as did version 13 however I found this version worked incredibly well.

One of the other enhancements that I really like is the fact you have the option to say “what can I say” and it will give you a list of the different categories and then if you speak the category such as navigation or correction it will give you a list of the commands that you can say.

I like this better than having the help system open up in a separate window which was part of what earlier versions had, I found having the separate window opened distracting and it took up valuable screen real estate.

One of the difficulties I have had with Dragon for several versions was the fact that I had trouble saying commands such as menu items for example if I wanted to open the file menu in word I had difficulty doing that, and so I ended up opening file menus and so on using my mouse which I found was distracting in terms of my thought process.

I had to actually stop my thought and go ahead and open menu or click on an item and then get back to my thought process, with this new version of the program I find it that this is greatly been enhanced it works much better for me in particular and  so I find it a great enhancement.

One of the things that I would still recommend is doing additional training even though the program is very good out of the box, I would still recommend doing an additional training just to increase the efficiency of the program and the recognition factor.

I have done one additional training with this new version and my recognition has gone from about 90 to 95%. I’m also able to speak much faster and the program will keep up with me and the text will appear on the screen almost instantaneously.

So over all I would highly recommend for people who have used Dragon and are considering doing an upgrade this would certainly be an upgrade to consider, for anyone who is new to speech recognition and wondering if it’s something that would be useful my recommendation would be give it a try.

You will find yourself far more productive than you ever thought possible. I now use Dragon for all my creative processes when it comes to having to write something I automatically now  start Dragon and do it that way because that is so much faster for me.

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