Painlessly convert stereo files to mono


Hello welcome to the computers with the podcast. As many of you know I recently purchased a zoom portable recorder to make doing podcasts and videos easier and more professional for myself, upon doing some research about what would be the best recorder settings for doing video I found that 48 kHz was best for video.

I’m using the recorder in stereo and when I had done a test recording with the recorder it worked fine however when I went to transcribe the recording using Dragon NaturallySpeaking, I got an error message in Dragon that said you could not transcribe a stereo recording it had to be mono. it could be anything up to 99khz at that point I did what most of the people do which is do a Google search to see what I could find for a solution to this particular problem.

As I began to investigate most of the information said that it was impossible to transcribe a stereo recording upon finding this, I simply went okay let’s take this stereo recording and turn it into a mono recording and save it as a separate file and then create the transcript using the mono file.

I use a program called audacity which is a free audio editing program to edit all my podcasts and my videos and when I looked in to how to create a mono file from a stereo file it is very simple in audacity. Load your stereo recording into audacity and then go to the tracks menu at the top of the program, click on it and one of the choices you will see and in fact I think it may actually be the very first choice is stereo track to mono.

When you select this option audacity automatically will create a mono file which you can then save to any location on your computer and then you can proceed in Dragon to transcribe the new mono file that you have just created and saved. When I tried this the transcription worked very very well and is a useful option if you have a stereo file that you need in this format for transcription purposes

I hope you found this information useful if you have any other questions please feel free to email me @ Thank you very much

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