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Hello welcome to the computers with ease podcast. I often get asked during my classes how to make learning computer programs easier, for many people it’s one of the most frustrating and stressful things to do.

So I have a few tips that should make the learning of new software programs and the computer in general easier and more pleasurable of an experience.

First of all take your time don’t try and rush through it, the more you rush the more frustrated you will become.  When you trying to learn a specific piece of software as an example let’s say Excel pick specific tasks you want to do with the specific program your learning. For example you may want to learn how to do you basic budget in Excel

Next keep practicing those things you want to learn how to do on a daily basis, I recommend trying to spend half to three quarters of an hour every day while you’re learning the new peace of software and keep practicing as you go along.

Another tip that helps is to use some of the online resources such as videos, written tutorials, as well as any of the other number of resources that are available.  You can simply type in what it is you are trying to do and you will most likely get a significant number of websites with information on those specific items that you’re looking for.
Another tip I have is have fun, the more fun you have the easier it will be and the more you learn. I hope these tips will allow you to learn not only the computer but the software that you need more easily, more effectively, and most important more enjoyably

If you have any comments concerns or questions please feel free to email me at

Thank you very much.

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