Old becomes new again


Welcome to the computers with ease podcast recently while volunteering at one of my local senior centers I had an interesting experience, two individuals came into the senior center computer lab looking for assistance on how to use devices which they had purchased to transfer cassette tapes onto their computers and then on to DVDs so that they could listen to the old cassette tapes in their cars.

I had never seen either of the devices that the gentlemen brought in. They consisted of a cassette player with a mini USB connector as well as a standard mini USB connector cable.

As well as software for doing the audio recording, one of the gentlemen the software that he had was audacity which is free and coincidently is the software that I use for recording my podcasts such as the one that you’re listening to now.

I was able to help the gentleman sort out how to use the recording devices to transfer their cassettes to their computers. One of the key factors that I did learn well doing this process was to make sure that the volume on the tape deck that you are using is up reasonably high to a satisfactory listening level because that’s how you set the audio level for the program that you’re recording into.

But other than that the process went rather straightforward and so both these individuals will now be able to transfer their cassettes onto their computers. It started me thinking however about how things have changed and advanced and evolved.

When I was younger I listened to a lot of cassette tapes and in fact I probably have about 100 of them here somewhere in my office stored away that I haven’t listened to in I’m not sure how long but it is a shame when you think about how I enjoyed listening to that music when I was younger and it’s now sort of been put away.

Not listen to and I’ve moved on to newer, better types of recording and that material is more or less forgotten about. So I’m glad to see that there are ways to transfer it reuse it and once again begin to enjoy it. At some point now that I know there is a way to transfer it and how relatively easy it is to do I may indeed begin the transfer process myself.

What sort of things have you changed in the way you do what you do whether it’s for work or for pleasure? How have things changed for you and what would you like to go back to or be able to reuse?.

Let me know what your thoughts are, and if you have any questions, comments or any topics you’d like to see on this podcast please feel free to email me at darrell@computerswithease.com you may also want to visit my website which is http://www.computerswithease.com Thank you very much.

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  1. w says:

    Very good article Darrell,actually I have quite a few tapes sitting around,but don’t know if I should rerecord them.

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