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Welcome to the computers with ease podcast, with Christmas fast approaching I wanted to talk about a subject that I get asked frequently. Many new computer users and seniors in particular are both curious and afraid of shopping online.

Shopping online has become very popular and in some cases is the only way to purchase the item that you want, for example music, e-books for the very popular e-readers. But shopping online does have some areas of concern for many people these include, is it safe? What happens if there’s a problem with my order or my product? How safe is giving other people my credit card information? and what can I do if my credit card information or other personal information gets used by someone other than those authorized? What sort of security features do I have available to me to make sure that nothing happens to my personal information?

There are several tips that I think will be helpful for those of you who are considering shopping online the first of which is shop at reputable stores online such as Sears any of the stores that you actually frequent in person. There is also stores like iTunes which is a music provider, Amazon which provides books and a lot of other products.

If you shop at large well-known reputable locations they will have not only a secure way to take your credit card information and keep it safe, but they will also have a return or exchange policy if you the customer are not happy with the end result of your transaction or purchase.

One of the other tips that I would have is, because you have to use a credit card to shop online use a separate credit card with a low purchasing limit for just your online purchases. This way it will be much easier for you to see if there’s a problem with your statement for example, if you’ve been billed twice for the same item.

Another tip I would have is make sure that you print out a copy of the transaction records that you get from your purchase. It will make things such as returns or any other issues much easier for you to track and help you with the purchaser if you’ve got that information.

You can confirm the amount of the purchase, the date of the purchase, the credit card number that you used etc. so it will speed up the entire return or exchange procedure.

Finally I would say start with small purchases, purchase something small on a regular basis so that you get comfortable with buying online. You begin to trust those stores that you purchase from and those stores also get to know you as a customer, and over time the process of buying online will get much easier and much more comfortable. I hope these tips have been helpful and informative when considering shopping online.

If you have any comments questions or concerns please feel free to email me you may also want to visit my website which is Thank you very much.

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  1. Great tips, Darrell. Shopping online can net good deals and products not available locally, but taking a few precautions can save issues later.

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