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Welcome to the computers with ease podcast. I wanted to talk about one of the programs I use on a regular basis, this program is called Skype and it allows for both audio and video communication between individuals.

I use this program with my family to stay in touch because like many of you my family is spread all over the place and staying in touch has become more and more difficult due to hectic schedules, and the distance apart, as well as potential issues with different time zones.

Skype is very good with audio communications and if you have a Webcam attached to your computer you can do video as well I have noticed however that with the video turned on if there’s a lot of people using Skype at the same time, and when I say a large number of people I mean in the range of 25 to 30,000,000 users at one time. The video may tend to be a little bit choppy and slow, however it does allow for a much more interesting conversation and much deeper connection when you can see the other person.

One of the other features that I enjoy about Skype is the fact that we can have a conference call with up to 25 people, however if you are using the conference call feature it is audio only but what this allows a person to do is to connect with several people at once.

What I have used it for and enjoy greatly is at Christmas time I can connect with my parents, my brother, and other family members at the same time and we can all talk together as if we were in the same room at the same time.

If you’re looking for a very good way to communicate with friends, family, colleagues Skype is one of the options that I would suggest and it’s very easy to set up go to download the particular version that’s appropriate for you weather it is Windows or Mac and then create a user account.

Once you have a Skype name which is part of your user account then you can look for other people and or give other people your Skype name and then you will be able to connect with them and talk is much as you like as often as you’d like at no charge. Skype is completely free so I intend to continue using it and would be interested in finding out how others are using it.

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