Gmail–why I like it


Welcome to the computers with ease podcast. we are all very busy and on the go all the time one of the things that has become very for this to me as close many of you is e-mail.

I know I am lost when I am out of touch and don’t have my e-mail available to me. One of my favourite applications is Gmail, this is an e-mail program through Google and its free service that allows you to set up an e-mail account that can be accessed from anywhere.

Meaning any public computer you can access it anywhere you have an Internet connection and this makes it very useful when I travel for conferences or when I’m away teaching in location such as a library. I can login to my Gmail account and access my email, I can also send e-mail messages I have access to my contacts that are in Gmail. It’s very simple very straightforward to use looks similar to the majority of other e-mail programs.

One of the other features that I really like this fact that I can add other e-mail accounts to be forwarded to my Gmail account, so for example any of my other e-mail accounts for my business that may be hosted in other places can be forwarded to my Gmail. I can then receive as well send e-mails as if it I was accessing one of my regular e-mail accounts even though I am out and using my Gmail account.

One of the other features that I appreciate is the fact that using Gmail I am not downloading the e-mail on to my own computer or a public computer the e-mails themself stay on the Google servers and I can access them from anywhere and can then see them in multiple locations and the e-mails won’t disappear.

So if you’re looking for a second e-mail account I highly recommend using a Gmail account, and if you want something that you can use anywhere you go Gmail is a very good free option.

If you have any comments, questions or concerns please feel free to e-mail me at Feel free to check on my website which is www. Thank you very much.

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