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Hello everyone I don’t know about you but I’m finding that there’s so much information available out there today in a variety of places such as the Internet and so on that I’m finding I’ve got information overload, and yet as I try and sort through the information that is on the Internet on blogs and in various places that I visit regularly.

There’s so much of it that I would like to keep for future reference or ideas for projects things like that, for the longest time I wondered how could I captured this information and keep it readily available and yet make it easy to update as more information or new information came along.

I’ve been using the system for a while now that I thought I would take this opportunity to share with you because I’m finding it quite effective as well as simple to start and simple to maintain. The best news is you probably already have everything you need because the solution that I’ve implemented is to simply use my word processor which in this case is Microsoft Word version 2010.

I create a document and then as I find articles and information that I want to store I simply copy that information with any headings and so on from the article into word and I make the article title a heading two item in word and then I have categories for information say on Windows, a section on Word, another one on Excel.

Several other categories that I use based on for example the programs I teach and so on but the categories are totally up to you based on your needs and I make those a heading one and I start each of the new heading one items on a separate page.

Then what I do to tie all of this together at the begin of the document is to create a table of contents and then using the table of contents you can select to have the table of contents show your heading one heading two and heading three items and that way when you create the table of contents it will then list all your heading one items and then any heading two items are below that so you end up with a very nice table of contents.

Using the table of contents you can simply click on any item and you will go right to that article and then as I put articles in to this document I then save it which updates everything and that I simply store this document on my desktop which makes it very easy for me to access so what I’m looking for any of the information I can quickly flip through the table of contents to see if what I’m looking for is there.

If it is I click on the item and I go directly to it and I can refer to it as often as I want and with this created I now have a way to store valuable information and this can be quickly and easily updated, I can also put it on a flash drive if I need to take this document with me anywhere so it’s very versatile and easy to maintain.

I hope this tip is helpful to you if you have any comments questions or concerns please feel free to e-mail me or leave a comment add to the bottom of this post.

Thank you very much.

Note Each time you add something to the document you must update the table of contents before saving the document for the change to thetable of contents to take effect.

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