Easily import your files into Camtasia Studio

Hello and welcome to the computers with ease podcast. I have been a user of Camtasia studio for several years now and recently I’ve started noticing on various Facebook groups that there seems to be an issue with importing and saving your files in Camtasia.

This has been a problem for quite a while, I myself have experienced it and have a workaround that I use that seems to be very effective. Even though the new version of camtasia studio will allow you to import many different types of files from many different devices including your cell phone, or tablet and many other devices.

This in itself is potentially part of the problem because each of these devices uses a different format and they may not all be 100% compatible with camtasia studio. Camtasia studio itself understands and works very well with the AVI video format as well as its own proprietary screen recording format called a camrec file.

What I have gotten in the habit of doing, no matter how I record my video using whichever device whether it’s my camcorder, my phone, or any the any of the other devices that can be used the first thing that I do is download the original file from the device onto my computer and I save it on my computer in the original format.

Then what I do is I use a video converter program to convert the file into the AVI format, now there is a free converter from in NCH software so if you Google NCH software you will readily find the converter program in their list of available products and it works very well.

You can then convert your file into the AVI format, and once you’ve done that then you can go ahead and import it directly into camtasia studio and it won’t have a problem reading the file. You’ll be able to go ahead and then edit your files as normal and save them as a camtasia studio project, or what I’ve done is once I’m done editing for the day I’ll go ahead and save the file itself I will produce it as an AVI file and save it somewhere on my computer so that I know where it is etc.

Then when I go back the following day to continue with the editing process I will again import the latest AVI file and continue working. I have found this process to work very well, I have not had any issues with not being able to import the video and letting camtasia produce it into an AVI file when I’m done with the day’s work. This  means not only that I can import it back in the camtasia to continue, but it allows me to preview the work in camtasia or any other video viewing software that I like.

I will say however that the files when saved in the AVI format are somewhat larger then saying MP4, but the extra size is not a problem and it certainly makes my workflow easier and less cumbersome.

I certainly hope this tip has been helpful please let me know what your thoughts are on camtasia studio and certainly if you have any questions feel free to email me at darrell@computerswithease.com Thank you very much.

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How much equipment is enough?

Welcome to the computers with ease podcast. One of the questions that I struggle with is, how do I know when I’ve got enough equipment particularly technology related equipment? This is one of those questions that the answer is different for each one of us of course.

It seems when we start doing either podcast or video there always seems to be a certain amount of equipment that is necessary just to get started, and then there’s always the proverbial I would like a better microphone, a better video camera, a better whatever to make my results the best that they can be.

This is always something to strive for being better but at some point at least for me I go have I reach that point of I’ve got enough and what I’ve got is good enough for me to achieve the desired result that I want.

Let me give you an example a while ago when I was doing some videos I realize that the audio from my video camera wasn’t that good because of distance that I was away from the camera, which I had to be to get the video that I wanted but that was causing a problem with the audio and I was spending way more time in the editing process to try and get the best audio that I could.

It just became too much of a struggle and therefore I didn’t want to do video as much, and so I started looking for another way to do the audio portion of my videos and upon doing some research it was suggested that I do the audio separately and then merge the audio and the video segments together into one finished video and this made the most sense to me.

So I began to look at getting a separate audio recorder and a separate microphone and this is what I ended up doing it works extremely well for doing the videos. I have a lavaliere mic plugged into the recorder and it just works great.

Once I had this extra equipment I began to experiment with using the same equipment to create my podcasts, so now what I do is I use the same lavaliere microphone plugged into the recorder and I actually create the podcast that way and I get a much cleaner audio for the podcast.

It saves me a lot of time later on in the editing process, and equally important is now I get a consistent sound for both my podcasts and my videos because I’m using the same equipment for both and I find that as an unexpected bonus that I was not expecting to get. Having this extra equipment has also changed my workflow when creating my audios and my videos.

So overall when I look at answering the question do I have the equipment that I need at the moment? I would have to answer that question with a yes. There are always things that we would like, but are not necessary those are what I call nice to have items.

But for me they’re not necessary at this moment so ultimately when you’re looking at do I need another piece of equipment my recommendation is look at it from the perspective of will it make my work better, will it make my work easier in some way.

Will it enhance my workflow allowing me to generate more content, more sales whatever it is for you as long as you can answer those three questions in a positive way. Then the equipment that you’re looking at purchasing may be a valuable addition, but if not maybe it’s time to use what we have to its maximum potential and go from there.

Let me know your thoughts on this topic, I look forward to reading your comments and as always if you have thoughts on what you’d like to see on this podcast please send me an email at darrell@computerswiththese.com  Thank you very much.

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Embrace your passion

Hello and welcome to the computers with ease podcast. All of us at one time or another have thought about doing something and have gotten that total fear of no I cannot do this for whatever reason, and as much as I would like to do whatever the particular thing is whether it is work related or otherwise you just give up for any number of reasons and never get back to doing it even though deep down inside it’s what you really want to do and quite potentially are meant to do.

As many of you know I have recently changed my business focus to teaching and training individuals and small business on how to do video work as well as podcasts and audio. This area has long been an area of interest for me and I have loved doing it, but never really thought of doing it as part of my work.

And yet every time when I would create a podcast or work on a video that I put up on my website or done something else with, the work itself has just felt right and given me that intense feeling of pleasure and the thought of this is what I was meant to do but for the longest time I resisted doing that for many reasons including I was afraid to step into that arena because of the other work that I was doing and I just didn’t think that I was good enough.

Well it comes down to, if this is what you love and it just makes you feel alive as this does for me then not only should you follow that passion and joy but you will be doing yourself a disservice as well as the people that you meant to serve.

If you don’t go ahead and follow that now as I say this, I don’t say it to make you think that there won’t be difficulties and there won’t be struggles because there will, but like anything worthwhile that’s part of the game and the more you work through it the more you will learn and most importantly the happier you will be.

Is that not the goal for all of us? So my point for doing this podcast is simply to say follow your passion find that thing that you love so much that you can’t imagine not doing it. When you find that particular passion follow it and give it 110% and see where it takes you, I know you will be surprised as I was.

Let me know what you’re passionate about and where you are in your life’s journey I look forward to reading your comments you can find out more at www.computerswiththese.com Thank you very much.

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Why podcast ?

Hello and welcome to the computers with ease podcast, we all run our businesses for a wide variety of reasons and I have a question for my listeners today. Why do you use audio and or video as part of your business?

For me there are many reasons why I use both audio and video as part of my business, the first and probably most important to me is the fact that I like doing both audio and video and one of the things that I’m finding is that a great number of my clients and prospective clients enjoy seeing me on video.

In the sense that it allows them to develop a connection with me as an individual and as a business. It also allows me to show different parts of my personality when I do the video as well as the audio. It’s well-known that video has become one of the hottest topics for marketing and yet it can be intimidating for many people and in fact was significantly intimidating for me in the beginning.

I have found with practice it does get easier I don’t know that it gets any more comfortable per se to do, but it does get easier and I enjoyed the fact that people get an opportunity to get to know me and thereby feel more comfortable asking me questions online or in some of the workshops and so on that I do.

I’m going to be moving into utilizing Facebook live very shortly and hopefully this will add another level of comfort for not only myself but clients as well. let me know what you’re using audio and/or video for as part of your business.

As always if you have comments or questions please feel free to email me at darrell@computerswithease.com Thank you very much.

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Does doing video scare for you? helpful tips

Hello and welcome to the computers with ease podcast, I’d like to start this episode with a question does of the thought of doing video make you feel uncomfortable? I can tell you for me initially the answer to that question was a definite yes.

The thought of me in front of the camera terrified me to say the least, and I also had a lot of questions from the technical side about how do I shoot the video, what background do I use, what sort of things would I even do a video about etc. etc. and so all of those things made me somewhat gun shy initially.

So I thought today I would talk about some of the tips that I have for doing video now that I’ve been doing it for a while and I’m somewhat more comfortable, but still not completely where I would like to be.

The first thing I will tell you is use whatever you have to shoot your video whether that’s your phone, your iPad, your digital camera for photography. All three of those will give you very good video and it will allow you to shoot your video almost anywhere in any situation. So you’re never without the ability to shoot a video if you wish.

I try to keep my videos to between three and five minutes unless their training type video and they can be somewhat longer. I always like to create some sort of a list of key points that I want to present in my videos, some of the questions that I asked myself when considering shooting video is are they’re going to be other people in the video or is it just going to be myself?

I try to look for a nice background, something without a lot of distractions something without things like light switches etc. If you going to be shooting the video indoors. one of the other things that comes up quite frequently is the sound for your video. Try and find a location that is quiet without a lot of background noise, say traffic noise or people walking by which can be distracting from both an audio as well as a video perspective.

But pretty much with the tools that we have available today not only can we shoot very good video with good audio as well. But we can do an excellent job of editing after the fact if you need to remove an unwanted sound or an unwanted portion of the video itself.

So all this being said the most important thing is to shoot video and edit later on, you may have to do more than one take you may have to record the video several times to get it as good as you can.

This is not something to be worried about or discouraged about, the more you practice the better you will get. This leads me to the challenge that I wanted to leave you with I would like to challenge you to shoot a 30 second video each day for the next week.

So that in the end, at the end of the week you have seven different videos you can shoot them on any topic that you wish. Please feel free to leave me a comment about questions you have regarding shooting video as well as a link to any of the videos that shot over the week.

Feel free to visit my website which is  www.computerswithease.com Thank you very much and enjoy shooting video.

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Music – Enhance your podcast

Hello and welcome to the computers with ease podcast, have you ever noticed when listening to a podcast that there’s music at the beginning and end of the podcast as well as possibly music in between the different segments of the podcast itself.

Have you ever wanted to learn how to do this for your own podcast ? if so it’s relatively easy to do there are a few things that you need to be able to do this on your own. The first is royalty-free music, royalty-free music is simply music that you have purchased or obtained for free that you have the right to use without having to pay anyone for using the music.

There are several places that you can get this music from, one is www.pond5.com another one is triple W.audio blocks.com www.audioblocks.com  and another one is www.opuzz.com each of these sites has a wide variety of music to choose from to suit the style of the podcast.

Once you have the music you need, you will need a piece of software called a mixer or mixing software is a program that allows you to take several pieces of audio placed on individual tracks and then the software will simply combined all the tracks together into one audio file.

The software that I use is called mix pad it works very well and allows you to create either a wav file or an MP3 file, which you can then upload as a podcast once it’s complete. One of the things that I’ve done is to create a mix pad file with my introduction music on track one and my exit music for my podcast is on track three, and each time I do a podcast I open that particular mix pad file and simply load the podcast itself onto track number two.

Then adjust the placement of the ending music within mix pad and finally I create the finished MP3 file which I upload as my podcast. The process is very simple and easy once you’ve done it a few times, I hope you found this helpful.

If you have any questions or comments please feel free to email me at darrell@computerswiththese.com you can also visit my website for other helpful resources www.computerswithease.com Thank you very much.

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Podcast length – what is best?

Hello and welcome to the computers with ease podcast, on today’s episode I wanted to talk about a subject that initially when I started doing my podcast several years ago was one of my key concerns. The concern I had was how long should my podcast be?

And like many of you who are new to podcasting I had gone on the Internet to see if I could get an answer to that question, and indeed there were several answers available everything ranging from a couple of moments to an hour in length.

The consensus was make the podcast as long as it needed to be to get the information across that you wanted to present in your podcast. If it was a topic that could be broken down into two or three podcasts that was also am a viable option.

Eventually I came to the conclusion that I was better to start recording my podcasts and get a sense for not only my material that I was presenting but also my own unique style, and when I talk about style in terms of the podcasts that I create one of the things that I noticed was my podcasts tended to be a little bit longer because of the material that I was presenting, but also because I tend to take longer breaks between the words and phrases as I’m recording each individual podcast.

Yes I could go through during editing and trim out some of the pauses and try and make them all approximately the same length, and initially that’s what I did I was trying to conform to what I thought was the norm for doing a podcast.

But having done podcasts now for a while I’ve gotten much more comfortable with doing them, much more relaxed and I tend to now just go with whatever feels comfortable in terms of the length, I do try to make notes ahead of time of the key points that I want present in each podcast just so that I stay on track is much as possible.

It also gives me context as to I know when I’ve reached the end because of covered all the points that were on my list, so for me it does really come down to the amount of time that I need to cover the material for each podcast.

I would be very interested to know how you arrived at the length you use for your podcast as well as a link to your podcast itself, if you have any questions or comments or anything you would like to see in the future podcast please leave those in the comments below as well as your specific podcast. Thank you very much.

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Audacity – my audio editing program & editing process

Hello my name is Darrell Hyatt I’d like to welcome you to the computers with these podcast. I often get asked what software do I use when editing my audio files for my podcasts, as well as what do I do to the audio files them self to make them sound better.

For my podcast I use a free program called audacity to edit my audio files. The program is available for both Windows and Macintosh, and the program works very well in either platform. In terms of what do I do to edit and clean up the audio files themselves.

The first thing that I do once I load the file into audacity is to do a noise reduction which is listed under effects in audacity. One of the things I would recommend when doing audio editing is not to be editing the original audio file, just in case you have to go back to the original for some reason.

You don’t like the edited format you have the option of going back to the original, when using audacity there is a setting that will tell audacity to load a copy of the file rather than the original and this is definitely something that I use. Once you set it you don’t have to worry about it again and will be editing a copy of your file.

As I said earlier I generally do a noise reduction first just to get rid of any background noise that’s in the audio file before I start the actual manipulation of the file one of the first things I look for is any unusual noises that are in the file such as clicks that you may get when you first start recording anything like that that is in there I go ahead and remove.

I also look for breath sounds where I’ve taken a breath as well as any of my uhm’s or oh’s as I’ve been speaking. I also look for lengthy pauses anything obvious like that that I may want to remove, so I will go through the entire file and just delete out any of those obvious things first and you can do this by selecting the area that you want to remove with your mouse, it will be highlighted in audacity and then you can simply press the delete key it will bring up a confirmation and then you can press enter to say yes and each of those will be removed for you.

Then I go ahead and do a more in-depth listen to the audio file and cleanup anything that’s left if I have said the same word twice one after the other all go in and remove the extra word that I don’t want. Then I’ll go ahead and look through it, listen to it and make any other changes that I want to allow myself the cleanest best sounding audio that I can get.

This does take practice and it does take some time to get used to doing it but the more you do the better you will get.

I hope these tips have been helpful, if you have any questions or comments please feel free to email me at darrell@computerswithease.com Thank you very much.

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Recording audio – what I use

Hello my name is Darrell Hyatt I would like to welcome you to the computers with ease podcast. On today’s episode I was going to discussed the idea of recording your audio when doing videos as well as podcasts such as this one.

As with video there is also a large number of options when it comes to recording the audio, and I had originally started with just the audio from my camcorder and I was standing about 5 to 6 feet away from the camera and initially I thought this was fine.

But as time went on I began to see how unusable the audio was and at that point I began to explore other options for recording the audio for my videos, and I originally went with an external microphone mounted on my camcorder. This appeared to work reasonably well in the beginning but again as my skill level improved and my needs advanced, I found this was not suitable because it required a lot more time in postproduction to edit out the unwanted noise that the microphone was capturing because of the distance between myself and the camera.

So after some research I head looked at the possibility of recording the video using my camcorder and then recording the audio using a separate recorder and microphone that I simply had on my lap and wore a Lavaliere or clip-on microphone.

I now have a Zoom H4n recorder with a rode LAV plus Lavaliere mic that I use not only for recording my video but I’m also using it for recording the podcast that your hearing now and this method with these pieces of equipment seems to be working extremely well for both purposes.

I know that the additional equipment is somewhat more expensive but in the long run it’s worked out very well for me, because it has cut down on the amount of time that I’m spending in the editing process for both my podcast and my videos.

It’s allowed me to be a lot more creative and generate a lot more content for you the listeners and for me it has definitely been a worthwhile investment and one that I will continue to use for a long time to come.

Let me know what audio challenges you are having as well as how your recording your audio for your videos and or podcasts. I look forward to hearing from you, feel free to visit my website which is www..computerswithease.com you can also email me at darrell@computerswitheasr.com Thank you very much.

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My video tips – lessons learned by doing

Hello and welcome to the computers with ease podcast. I wanted to talk about recording video and some of the ideas and concepts that I found helpful in doing this over the last several years. When I first started it was a matter of I set up the camera and away I went and recorded everything and then looked at it later and went darn I wish I had changed some things, fixed some things.

In the first few videos that I did I had actually the cut off my head at one point and had tended to move around a little more than I should have and that made the video itself difficult to watch as well as hard to edit.

As I got better some of the things that I’ve learned are when you set up the camera no matter which camera are you using, find yourself a good simple background and what I mean by this is say stand or sit in front of a evenly coloured wall with out light switches or anything of that nature in view of your camera.

You want to be sitting or standing somewhere that your comfortable with just to avoid number one being uncomfortable or having people walking in front of you things of that nature. One of the other things that you want to be aware of is make sure that when your setting up your camera you’ve got enough room above your head so that you not going to cut your head off in the shot.

Try not to move around too much with your hands etc. it’s wonderful to be excited and happy about what you doing and enthusiastic, but try not to jump around per se. Stay within the boundaries of what’s within the range of your camera.

Another tip is be prepared to do more than one recording look at them later and choose the best one. Stand or sit as close to your camera as you can well still getting in what you want within the shot particularly if you’re looking for something more then a talking head. Say a shoulders up perspective or even waist up depending on what your trying to achieve you want to as I said also stand or sit as close to the camera as you can to also get the best audio for the recording you can.

I always like to try and do more than one recording just because I usually make a mistake somewhere during the recording and rather then start the whole thing over again I just carry on and I will edit out the mistakes later on, because once you are in the flow of recording carry on and deal with whatever happens unless it’s the catastrophic mistake where you have to start over again.

The key here is practice and keep doing it, you will get better you will have times where you go darn that didn’t go the way I had wanted it to and we all have those and I think of them as learning experiences and try and do better next time. I hope these tips have been helpful.

If you have any questions or anything you would like to see on this podcast please feel free to email me at darrell@computerswiththese.com thank you very much.

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