Xmas 2020

Hello and welcome to the computers with ease podcast where we talk about all things related audio and video. hello everyone the Christmas season is here again, and I for one, am very happy about it.

2020 has been a very unique and different year and I’m happy for the holiday season being here so that I can take a break from all the unusual and the stressful things that’s been going on this year.

There has certainly been a lot of personal change for everyone, in terms of the inability to move around and that see people that we would normally see that interact with both on a personal and work level. So that’s changed and one of the things that I’m looking forward to over the holiday season is having family time.

Now, this year being what it is that means visiting with family on platforms like Zoom or over the phone, or any one of the other number of audio/video platforms available. We will be using Zoom and it will be very nice to see friends and family, even though it won’t be in the traditional sense.

I would much rather see them using the new platforms that not at all, well still allowing us to remain safe and keep Covid numbers lower.

One of the other things that I’m looking forward to is the time to recharge and enjoy the Christmas season in general, having Christmas trees lit up around the house and just not having to be in a large number of Zoom meetings every week and trying to juggle a hectic schedule.

It will be nice to have some quiet time with my lovely wife and recharge as well as take some time for myself, and that’s one of things that I wish for each of you is to enjoy the holiday season as much as you can indulge in whatever traditions this season holds for you and enjoy it as much as possible.

So I would like to wish everyone a happy holidays, whatever that means for you do whatever makes you happy during the holiday season and remember that we will all get through this and I want to wish you a safe and happy 2021. Thank you very much for listening.

If you have any comments or questions please feel free to email me at info@computers withease.com and if you like to stay up to date with this podcast., please feel free to subscribe to my email list. I look forward to speaking with you.


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