What is your workflow?

Hello and welcome to the computers with ease podcast where we talk about all things related audio and video. My name is Darrell Hyatt, Today I wanted to talk about changes in your work flow, I know since I have been doing podcast for a while now my workflow has changed.

When I first started doing my podcast and I thought how my work was change and I wanted to ask you a couple of questions a flows I start what is your current work as you do your podcast and your video?

How many steps are in your workflow from beginning to end and secondly, what is the hardest step in your workflow? Now one of the things that comes up when you talk about workflow is, why would you change your workflow at all. What would make you even consider changing it?

Once you been doing podcast for a while one of the things that comes up is the efficiency of the workflow itself, and this is why I asked in the beginning, what was your current workflow. How many steps there where and so on.

The more efficient your workflow the more work you get done in less time. One of the other reasons your workflow may change is you have new tools that you’re working with that now require change or adjustment in your work flow and in my case, I got a new piece of equipment I got the Rodecaster Pro.

To help me make my podcast better and more efficient and easier for me to produce on an ongoing basis. One of the things that I’ve since learned is that the rodecaster Pro is Windows 10 only, so this necessitates me using my Windows 10 machine as opposed to my Windows 7 machine which has all my audio editing software on it

So first of all I had to transfer my files from rodecaster Pro onto my Windows 10 machine and then onto my Windows 7 machine for editing and that makes things a little more complicated, it and add some extra couple of steps to my workflow so that I can continue to edit the podcast.

Once I have the files on my Windows 7 machine, the editing process is much shorter. So the question I have for you now that you have an overview of my workflow and my processes have you mapped or evaluated your workflow and your processes as you create your podcast?

If you have any comments or questions please feel free to email me at info@computers withease.com and if you like to stay up to date with this podcast. To date, podcast, please feel free to subscribe to my email list. I look forward to speaking with you.

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