Podcast setup – which is right for you?

Welcome to the computers with ease podcast, today I’m going to start a series on equipment for those of you interested in working with both audio and video. So today I’m going to start with the audio equipment and give you some ideas of how to get started and the different options that you got for equipment.

The first one I’m going to start with is the easiest and the quickest to get you into creating podcasts and them give you the opportunity to get started and one of the easiest ways to get started is with your mobile phone, you can get apps to record your audio on your phone, and most phones are reasonably good for capturing audio for your podcast. Another option is your Webcam connected to your computer because the Webcam automatically has a microphone so you could record your audio using your Webcam directly into your computer and then edit it using any number of audio editing programs, which is another series that I’ll be talking about during this series as well.

Another simple option is to use your computer and plug-in a microphone to the mic jack or line in in on your computer if it has one, again this will record the audio straight to your computer and you can then go and edit as usual.

An intermediate option for creating your podcasts is to have an audio recorder such as I’m using here, I’m using a zoom h4n Pro with a microphone connect to the recorder and I’ve got my notes sitting here next to me on the desk. Now one of the things about this particular option that I like is using a separate audio recorder, you get better sound than you do using your computer.

But it is more expensive in terms of having to buy the audio recorder and then if you buy a mid-level microphone, the whole setup can be somewhat more expensive. I also recommend if you going to do it this way with the recorder, I also recommend buying the mic stand so that you’re not holding the microphone while you’re recording the podcast.

If you tend to move around the audio can sound different from moment to moment and using the mic stand will make sure that the mic stay steady and it’ll be easier for you and create a more consistent sound.

The last and most expensive and most complicated option for recording your podcast is to go with a mixer and a recorder which will allow you to make significant enhancements to the audio before it is actually recorded. This option definitely gives you more control over the finished product, but it is more expensive and you may also want to consider a home studio set up.

Which again will take some time and some effort, but the finished product will definitely be worth it in one of the keys here is to start with wherever you are and whatever you can afford.

It’s more important that you actually start creating your podcasts and getting your content out there with reasonably good quality. You don’t have to automatically go to the most advanced and most expensive option first, I certainly didn’t and my current set up is the intermediate set up that was mentioned earlier,

One of the other things that I would suggest in this process is make sure that you’ve got a way to save your audio files so that they are easy to find, easy to edit and are safe should you want to repurpose them later?

I hope these tips have been helpful if you have any questions or comments, please email me at info@computerswithease.com Thank you very much for listening.

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