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Hello, welcome to the computers with ease podcast where we talk about everything related to audio and video, and today I wanted to talk about something that happens to all of us. The on camera jitters.

I know when I first started doing video I was extremely nervous and didn’t like the way I looked on camera or sounded, and I thought today I would give you five tips that would help when you are shooting your video and your feeling uncomfortable on camera.

The first tip I have is make sure that you breathe. It does calm you down and makes your finished product on camera look much better.

Have notes in some form, if that’s what works for you. I know some people are better if they just wing it, so whatever works for you do it that way. Just make sure if you are going to have notes that their off-camera and that you not holding onto them because that may cause some shaking sounds with the paper. I myself have my notes for this podcast in front of me on the desk.

Another tip that I have is practice. You may have to shoot the video two or three times and look at them to see which is the best, it can often take more than one attempt to get the video just right.

Another tip is find a location for shooting your video that has a nice non-distracting background and somewhere that your comfortable being because the more comfortable you are, the better you going to come across on the video itself.

The last tip that I have for you is relax and be yourself on video you want to come across as the person you are and that will be much better for your business and your clients that you are trying to work with.

Back in October I had done a poll on Facebook about were people comfortable on camera, and to my surprise quite a few people said that they weren’t comfortable. So along with these tips I wanted to provide a resource link for you that may be helpful, It’s from a person who I worked with in the past. Her name is Michele Moreno I will include a link in the description to Michelle’s website. 3-minute On Camera Confidence lesson

She has resources for individuals who want to become more comfortable on camera and she far more of an expert on this topic then I am, and I found her material very useful.

One of the things that I would suggest doing is shooting several practice videos before you start shooting the actual one that you want for your business and

If you have any questions please feel free to email me at info@computerswithease and I would be happy to help you in the do a 20 minute free consultation call to discuss your specific needs. Thank you very much for listening and have a wonderful day.

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