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Hello this is Darrell Hyatt of computers with ease. I wanted to welcome everyone to 2019 and talk about something that may be on a lot of people’s mind. A lot of people are wanting to get into video this year, because video is one of those things that over the next several years, the majority of content that will be consumed will be in the form of video.

But I know that a lot of you, myself included, are not comfortable with video for a lot of reasons, one being I’m not comfortable on camera. Number two it’s too technical and overwhelming.

One the things that I wanted to say to all of you that are feeling either of those things and haven’t started your video, the most important thing you can do is start. It doesn’t matter what you use to actually shoot the video. Whether it’s your phone, Whether it is your still camera.

Both of those options will shoot very good video and it’s more important that you actually start then necessarily how good your first video is. When I look back at some of the early videos that I shot, I went oh my God, how could I have not only shot that but put it out for people to see.

But the important thing is I started. I’ve gotten better over time, and certainly more comfortable on video now than then I was so I would like to encourage all of you there even thinking of shooting video to at least get started.

And if you have any questions please feel free to email me at I would be happy to assist you with any of your questions that you may have. Thank you very much and once again have a wonderful 2019

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