Plan your video – some thoughts to consider

Welcome to the computers with ease podcast, one of the topics that I’m working with right now myself is the planning of a video and for me, there are several key steps involved and I thought I would simply describe these in the maybe it would help you in your planning process as well.

The first area is what is the purpose of the video, why are you creating this video? What do you want to say in the video itself. What point do you want to get across to your viewers? Basically, what do you want to leave the viewers with, what information do you want them to have that they don’t have now.

And what are you going to do with the video, where are you going to put it on YouTube on your own website. When it comes to the video itself there are several questions that come up.

What shots do you need? What are the key points in each series of shots that you want to make sure that you get? What information do you want to capture, is it something on the computer screen or is it something somewhere else outside etc. that you want to make sure you capture. Now once you have that, what’s the order for shooting the actual video?

Are there items that need to be shot or captured before you capture something else? Make sure that you have that order written down because it will make your shooting schedule much more efficient.

Are there any preparations that you need to do before you shoot any video? For example, I use a lot of screen captures from my computer and one of the things that I have to make sure that I do is make sure that I have the appropriate program opened to the right screen before I start to capture that the video that I need. And it may require two or three programs be opened for me to get that.

Another question is, is there any existing video that you already have that you may want to use in another project. Make sure that you have that and know where it is so that you can quickly and easily use it in the new project.

When it comes to audio, are you going to do a full written script for the audio portion or are you just can use a list of key points? And then how are you going to record it? Are you going to use your Webcam, headset microphone or an external recorder such as I have for this podcast?

Now as with the video the same applies with audio, are there audio that you already have that you want to use again in this project. If so, again, make sure that it readily available and you know where it is so you can easily access it.

When it comes to the settings for your video camera and your audio recording record both your audio and video at the highest quality that you can, using highest quality possible will not only give you the best overall results, but later on if you want to edit at a lower setting to say, create a smaller file size for the video.

You will still get great results, If you record the initial video at a higher quality. I hope these tips have been helpful. I recommend writing this stuff down in whatever format is comfortable for you, just so that you have the information readily available as you’re creating your video project. It will make the whole thing go much faster, be less stressful and more enjoyable.

If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to email me at  please feel free to sign up for it, a 20 minute free consultation about your audio and video needs I will include a link in the show note for those of you that are interested. If you would like a specific time and date, please feel free to email me and we can arrange that. Thank you very much for listening.

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