Plan your podcast – a guide

Hello and welcome to be computers with ease podcast my name is Darrell Hyatt. Today I wanted to talk about the topic of planning your podcast. This is something that I try to do with every episode and I thought I would describe the process that I use for planning.

The first thing I have is what I call an ideas list. This is a document that I have a word file where I keep an ongoing list of topics that I may want to use for a podcast or for video. Now as I said earlier I use plain word document, but you can use any tool that works for you in any format at all.

The important part is that you have a list of the topics for future reference so when you want to create a podcast or video you got somewhere to start.

Another thing that I have is a key point list. So when I am working on a podcast I start with my key points and those are the things that I want to remember to talk about for each podcast itself. In my case I use Post-it notes on a plain piece of paper so that I can organize my key points and if I need to change them around. I can do that.

Once I’m comfortable with the key points themselves, and the order then I have a one-page sheet that I transfer those key points to and that’s in fact what I’m looking at. as I’m doing this particular podcast.

Another thing to consider when you’re planning your podcast is your introduction music your outro music, and any music you want to use between your segments of the show. Make sure that you have your music located in an easy to find location so that when you’re doing the editing and so on you’ve got access to it easily.

There’s lots of places online where you can get it and you may either have to pay a small fee for each song or with a lot of the free downloads you have to acknowledge where you got it in your podcast or your video wherever you are using that particular piece of music.

One of the other points to remember is if you need other information for your podcast have it readily available in my case, I simply have it sitting on the desk and I can refer to it easily and quickly.

Now if you’re having guests on your podcast as part of your planning. I recommend having their contact information readily available as well as your login information for anything such as Zoom or any conferencing software that you can be using if you’re doing an interview, and make sure that your guest has that information as well.

One of the other things I would suggest is if you’re using a conferencing tool sign in early and test your connection and your audio with the other person so that if there is any difficulties you have time to sort those out before you start the recording.

If you have any comments or questions please feel free to email me at Thank you very much for listening.

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