Acoustic panels – What are they & why use them

Hello and welcome to the computers with ease podcast my name is Darrell Hyatt, I’m going to continue my series on audio this week by talking about acoustic foam panels. As many of you know this is something that I was given for Christmas, you may be wondering what acoustic foam panels are? they are simply sheets of foam of different sizes and shapes that look very similar to the inside of an egg carton.

In my case I got panels that are approximately 10 inches square you may be asking why would you use these acoustic foam panels, there used when you want to change the sound in a room or in a particular space for example in my office.

I have an echo because I don’t have a lot of furnishings in my office I don’t have things like rugs or other items that would absorb the sound and stop it from bouncing around the walls and the other things in the room. So what you do is you use the acoustic foam panels to create a quiet zone around you when you’re recording because the egg carton type shape of the panels as sound hits these panels it absorbs the sound and therefore stops it from bouncing around the room.

In my case it removes the echo substantially and makes the recording much cleaner much easier to edit later on because I’m not trying to remove as much unwanted noise and echo from the recording because is not there in the first place anymore.

You can get these acoustic foam panels in many different sizes and shapes as well as from many different locations including Amazon etc. One of the things that I will tell you is that the standard form that you could buy that’s flat does not work very well for this purpose and I therefore don’t recommend that you use it.

It doesn’t work simply because it’s flat, it doesn’t have the sound absorbing capability of the foam panels because of the egg carton shape. These acoustic foam panels are very worthwhile you can get them in small quantities so that if you’re not sure if they can work for you, you can buy a small number of them and experiment before buying a larger quantity.

This will make you recording sound much cleaner and will significantly cut down on your editing time later on I highly recommend them and look forward to continuing to use them.

If you have any comments or questions please feel free to email me at Thank you very much for listening.

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