My audio editing workflow

Hello and welcome to the computers with ease podcasts. My name is Darrell Hyatt in this episode I would like to continue with my series on working with audio. Today I’m going to talk about the editing steps that I do with each of the podcasts that I work on including this one.

Each of the steps I’m going to describe and each of these steps is done in that particular order that I described them to you, once I create the audio file itself the first step that I do is create a backup of the original audio file so that if something happens during the editing process I can go back to the original recording and start again.

The next step but I do is remove any background noise in the file itself, the next step in my workflow is to then increase the volume of the overall audio if necessary sometimes this is required than other times it’s not just depends on the individual audio file itself.

The next step is to remove any clicks pops or extraneous unwanted noise throughout the entire file itself and this can take some time and depending on how serious you want to be with your noise removal. It can be a very tedious process but after a while you will get used to doing it and you’ll get used to your own individual speech patterns.

For me one of the things that I have to do is remove the excess silence between my words and things like that, but you will get to learn your own speech patterns and overall this process will become second nature to you the more that you do it.

I hope this has been helpful I look forward to hearing your comments please feel free to email me any questions you may have at Thank you very much for listening.

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