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Hello and welcome to the computers with ease podcast. My name is Darrell Hyatt, as we all know audio quality is an important part of any project and I thought I would start a four-part series on audio here in this podcast and I wanted to start with the audio software that I use for both the podcast you’re listening to and my video projects.

The first piece of software that I use is one called Audacity, it’s an audio editor that’s available for both the PC Mac and Linux and it’s available for free. It has a lot of the features that you would expect in an audio editor, has a great range of files that it will work with without conversion.

You can do a lot of the basics such as noise removal, increase the volume etc. one of the other things that I like in audacity is the fact that you can save in a lot of known formats including wav and mp3.

Another program that I use is one called Mixpad and as the name implies it’s a mixing program to allow you to take two different audio files and combine them together into one, so for example in the case of a podcast you could have music at the beginning and end of your podcast.

Then the podcast file itself and you could put three of them together and using something like mix pad you could then create the one file that that you would put up as your podcast.

When it comes to working with video I not only use the same two pieces of software  I have a zoom recorder and a Rode lavaliere mic that I wear when I do video so that I can be across the room and create good sounding audio for the video.

This does of course mean that I have to sync up the audio on the video later, but once I have the audio that I’m going to use for the video project I again use both Audacity and Mixpad to create the final best sounding audio that I can for the particular video project.

All of these tools, not only the software but the hardware itself does take some time to get used to and learn how to use it effectively. But it’s well worth the effort and the time.

I hope this has been helpful starting point when you’re working with audio if you have any questions please feel free to email me at I look forward to your comments and suggestions thank you very much

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