I want to talk to you about your audio/video projects

Hello welcome to the computers with ease podcast. I have been doing podcasts and some videos for several years now and I remember when I first started that it seemed like there was so much information out there in various places on the Internet etc and it felt somewhat overwhelming.

When I was starting, trying to make sense of all this information and do all the things that one needs to do to create content etc, as I sat and thought about it one of the things that I wish I had easy access to was someone to sit down with me and help walk me through the entire process and show me the shortcuts and tips and tricks to allow me to get to the point where I was creating content and felt comfortable doing it and most importantly confident in the content that I was creating.

So one of my projects for this year is to help individuals who are creating audio and video content, help them create their content easily and effectively with less stress etc. to this end   I want to have somewhat of a conversation with individuals who are starting this process and provide them a way to ask their questions and get specific answers in a non-technical sense and in a more comfortable conversational way.

What I would like to do is give you an opportunity to talk to me and ask your questions and I will provide specific answers and help you in any way that I can, to start what I would like to do if you have a question please leave it below in the comments for this podcast.

I will answer any and all questions that come through as comments and you can also feel free to email me at darrell@computerswithease.com with your questions. I look forward to helping you with your questions as well as assist you in getting your audio and video projects completed Thank you very much.

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