Tips & Tricks when editing using Camtasia Studio

Welcome to the computers with ease podcast, today I want to give you some tips and suggestions when editing your video using Camtasia Studio. The first and quite possibly most important tip that I have when editing your video is make a backup copy of your original video file somewhere on your computer before you even begin editing.

So that if something does happen during the editing process, you do have the option of going back and starting using the original footage.

Have a plan of what edits you want to do, I like to look at the entire raw video before I start editing and make notes on what edits I want to do the specific time code locations for each of the edits and just any other thoughts that I have before I actually start the editing process.

Once you start editing, I recommend saving you work regularly as you go. Whether that means you save every five minutes, whether it’s ten minutes. Whatever you feel most comfortable with.

I don’t recommend working for long periods of time without saving just in case something happens, you don’t want to have done a large number of edits and then have something happen and have to start over again.

Another suggestion is edit the video portion and the audio portion separately. Now, of course, when you’re doing a cut or removing a portion of the video you’re going to want. Of course, to remove the audio that goes along with it at the same time.

But when I think of editing the audio and video separately for me that means something like deciding which pieces the video, I want cut and then deciding if I need to increase the volume of the audio or make any changes to the audio itself in some form that don’t affect the video track.

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