Audio tool within Camtasia Studio

Welcome to the computers with ease podcast, today I am going to talk about some of the audio tools that are available within Camtasia studio. As we all know audio is a very important part of doing video, and is equally as important as the video itself.

What tools are available within Camtasia? There’s actually quite a few tools and enhancements available when it comes to the audio itself. You have things like fade in, fade out which can be very useful when adding music to the beginning and ending of your video.

You can add silence, so if you need a pause somewhere in the video, you can add silence. I have used this particular feature if I’ve got an unwanted noise in my video that rather than just cutting out that particular audio portion and shorten the video.

I’ve actually used the silence to remove the noise, but keep the length of the audio the same, which makes the syncing up between the audio and video are much easier because there still the same length.

We can change things like volume of any particular part of the video, and you can add or remove audio points to allow you to basically manipulate any portion of the audio independently without affecting the entire audio track.

Finally I like to talk about why would you use these tools? It’s quite simple because as always, we want to create the best video that we can and audio has become very important when using video and it can be the simple things in the audio track that are distracting.

Such as pop’s, clicks unwanted noise from outside or if you’re in a noisier environment such as an office and there’s background noise anything like this can be distracting and so I’m glad that Camtasia does have some audio editing tools for us to be able to use. It just gives your finished video a much more professional look and feel.

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