How much equipment is enough?

Welcome to the computers with ease podcast. One of the questions that I struggle with is, how do I know when I’ve got enough equipment particularly technology related equipment? This is one of those questions that the answer is different for each one of us of course.

It seems when we start doing either podcast or video there always seems to be a certain amount of equipment that is necessary just to get started, and then there’s always the proverbial I would like a better microphone, a better video camera, a better whatever to make my results the best that they can be.

This is always something to strive for being better but at some point at least for me I go have I reach that point of I’ve got enough and what I’ve got is good enough for me to achieve the desired result that I want.

Let me give you an example a while ago when I was doing some videos I realize that the audio from my video camera wasn’t that good because of distance that I was away from the camera, which I had to be to get the video that I wanted but that was causing a problem with the audio and I was spending way more time in the editing process to try and get the best audio that I could.

It just became too much of a struggle and therefore I didn’t want to do video as much, and so I started looking for another way to do the audio portion of my videos and upon doing some research it was suggested that I do the audio separately and then merge the audio and the video segments together into one finished video and this made the most sense to me.

So I began to look at getting a separate audio recorder and a separate microphone and this is what I ended up doing it works extremely well for doing the videos. I have a lavaliere mic plugged into the recorder and it just works great.

Once I had this extra equipment I began to experiment with using the same equipment to create my podcasts, so now what I do is I use the same lavaliere microphone plugged into the recorder and I actually create the podcast that way and I get a much cleaner audio for the podcast.

It saves me a lot of time later on in the editing process, and equally important is now I get a consistent sound for both my podcasts and my videos because I’m using the same equipment for both and I find that as an unexpected bonus that I was not expecting to get. Having this extra equipment has also changed my workflow when creating my audios and my videos.

So overall when I look at answering the question do I have the equipment that I need at the moment? I would have to answer that question with a yes. There are always things that we would like, but are not necessary those are what I call nice to have items.

But for me they’re not necessary at this moment so ultimately when you’re looking at do I need another piece of equipment my recommendation is look at it from the perspective of will it make my work better, will it make my work easier in some way.

Will it enhance my workflow allowing me to generate more content, more sales whatever it is for you as long as you can answer those three questions in a positive way. Then the equipment that you’re looking at purchasing may be a valuable addition, but if not maybe it’s time to use what we have to its maximum potential and go from there.

Let me know your thoughts on this topic, I look forward to reading your comments and as always if you have thoughts on what you’d like to see on this podcast please send me an email at  Thank you very much.

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