Computer virus phone scam beware

Hello everyone I wanted to talk to you today about an item that I had happen to me very early this morning. I got a phone call from someone saying that they had information that my computer had viruses and other problems and this particular person representing this company was there to assist me with the problems that I had my computer.

He asked me if I had a Windows-based computer and I responded yes that I did and he then proceeded to say to me that he wanted me to go to my computer, turn it on and he would proceed to show me the problems that I had with the computer and would assist me in fixing these problems.

He said that he would connect to my computer and take care of my difficulties. When I proceeded to ask him some questions, I asked him where he was from and he said he was from Brisbane Australia. Then I asked how he had gotten my number, he said he had computer software that listed the numbers of everyone, and wouldn’t clarify any further.

This is a phone scam and what they want is for you to turn on your computer and grant them remote access, meaning that they are now inside your computer can look at your files and do various other things to your computer and get crucial information that is on your computer.

Because this individual called me at 1:30 in the morning along with the fact that I had been called several times before by other individuals claiming to be from the company that did the same thing I was highly suspicious and therefore did not grant them access to my computer for obvious reasons.

When I started doing some research in terms of was there information on this particular situation, I found that the Canadian antifraud center which is is there a website address when I looked up on their website there was in deed a PDF bulletin regarding this particular phone scam. I will leave the bulletin information in the show notes you can read it for yourself.

I reported this to the Canadian anti fraud center and the woman was very helpful she told me that there are several groups running this particular scam it’s all over the world and as she said there’s not much you can do other than hang up. Do not give these people access to your computers for any reason.

I find it very very frustrating and wanted to pass this information along to others of you, in the group of individuals that I teach I have found several of them have been contacted by these particular people and fortunately at this point no one has fallen for their scam.

So my best advice is don’t grant anyone remote access your computer unless you know who the person is and you trust them with your computer and the information that’s on it, having other people with your private information can be very dangerous as well is very expensive if someone gets a hold of your credit card information for example.

If you have had an experience similar to this please let me know in the comments and be safe and be cautious thank you very much.

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