My E-mail is broken…Help

Have you ever had something that you wanted to share with other people ? A series of pictures a video or something that was rather large and you wanted to share it with other people so you tried to send it as an attachment with an e-mail, and found out that it was unable to be sent and you then find that you’re not able to send any other e-mails and even worse you’re not receiving any e-mails as well.

Your e-mail is now totally plugged up, this can be a very frustrating situation and it’s one that if you’re like me you need your e-mail working. A solution has to be found quickly I have a very simple solution that works as long as the program that you use for your e-mail is Microsoft Outlook.

If you’re like most people when you find that something is stuck in your outbox and not being sent you go in there and you right-click on the message and then select delete, hoping that it will remove the e-mail from your outbox unfortunately this does not work.

What you need to do is go into tools, then send and receive, then select send or receive settings and finally choose disable scheduled send and receive. Once you’ve done that go back into your outbox, right click on the message that’s still in your outbox and choose delete.

It won’t delete it right away, the next step is to actually shut down Outlook altogether and then restart it. By shutting it down you will let the computer clear out anything to do with Outlook and reset all the settings.

So once Outlook comes back up you should now be able to go back into your outbox once again and if the message is still there, this time you should be able to right click on it and choose delete and it will disappear because Outlook is no longer trying to send that e-mail, because you’ve turned off the send and receive automatically from the previous step that I described.

Now once the e-mail is actually gone from your outbox you will have to go back into tools, send and receive, and then send and receive settings, and once again click on disable scheduled send and receive to remove the checkmark from that selection.

This will now allow Outlook to send and receive automatically as it should, everything will work the way it did before prior to the e-mail that you tried to send that was too large, I hope this tip has been helpful.

If you have any questions comments or concerns please feel free to e-mail me at You may also want to visit my website which is Thank you very much

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