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Welcome to the computers with ease podcast. One of the most important topics to many computer users today is having a backup of the information and programs that are on your computers. Of course there are many different ways to protect yourself with a backup there are many different questions that you have to answer before deciding which form of backup is best for you.

I’ve come across two reasons why it’s important that you have a backup, the first one is if you’re planning on doing on upgrade to your operating system for example going from Windows Vista to Windows 7. In this particular case it’s said that you won’t have any problems when you’re upgrading between the two operating systems, however I would still recommend that you have a backup before attempting this as a safety net for you should anything happen.

The other time you may want to have a backup is when you’re about to install a new program, particularly something that is a major upgrade to an existing piece of software or a completely new piece of software that you’re going to be putting on the computer.

The reason for this is if there happens to be a conflict or problem with a piece of your existing software when you install the new program because there are times when the new program as well as an existing program occupy the same space in memory. Or want to use the same resources particularly items such as audio drivers and video drivers are known for this.

If you have this type of problem it may indeed cause a severe conflict and something may not work properly. In this case it may be simpler to restore from a backup to get you up on running again well you can research a possible solution to your conflict between the two programs.

This is of course only a few of the reasons I would suggest having a backup. if you find the topic of backing up your material confusing or are uncertain about specific questions related to a backup. I have a free report that will answer many of your questions please feel free to go to and download the free report from my home page

If you have any questions comments or concerns please feel free to e-mail me at Thank you very much.

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