Help I have no internet !

Welcome to computers with ease podcast how many times have you had your Internet and e-mail stopped working? you’re not able to visit websites you normally visit, you’re not able to download files, and even more importantly you’re not able to get your e-mail.

This has happened to me quite frequently and it’s one of the questions that I get asked as a tech support professional. When this happens people understandably get very frustrated very quickly, knowing how important the Internet and e-mail are in our daily lives it’s very crucial that we maintain an ongoing Internet connection with as little downtime as possible.

I’m here to tell you that in the majority of cases there’s a very simple and end quick fix for this problem. I have both a modem from my Internet provider which gives me my high-speed Internet. I also have a router connected to the modem because we have multiple computers in our household.

What I often find is that either the modem from the Internet provider has frozen or locked up even though the lights and so on appear to be on it appear to be functioning as they should, it tends to sometimes stop working also because we have a router there can be a problem with that as well.

What I tend to do when this situation arises is power down the router first then let it come back up and then power down the Internet modem and let it cycle back through. This entire process should take no more than approximately 5 min, in 95% of the cases this procedure will clear out what ever problems you’re having with the signal not getting through.

I hope this is been helpful in the alleviates one of your major frustrations in using the computer and the Internet.

If you have any questions comments or concerns please feel free to e-mail me at you may also want to visit my website which is Thank you very much.

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