Unexpected problems have solutions

What do you do when all of a sudden one day a individual piece of software that you’re used to working with either stops working or you all of a sudden get a error message and this causes the software not to function at all, or function improperly?

I’m here to tell you that there are a few simple steps that you can take when this happens to you. The first is to see if there’s an update for that particular piece of software is if there is an update it is quite possible that the update will fix your particular problem.

If there’s no update, the second choice you have is to write down the exact wording of the error message and then do a basic Google search using the words in the error message.

Quite often you will find numerous answers to your problem from doing a Google search, however before you attempt any of the possible solutions I highly recommend that you backup any data within the particular software if possible. The other thing I recommend is reading through several of the possible solutions from your search and look for solutions that are the same or very similar, often if there’s more than one person recommends a specific solution that particular solution may well be the one that works.

I tend to avoid the solutions that are only mentioned once because I’m suspicious of those as not being the ones that work.

Now if you can’t find a solution in Google you may also go to the manufacturer or developer of the software and see if there is support section of their website or there frequently asked questions page has a solution to your particular problem as well.

I have this happen recently with my e-mail program that started acting strangely and not want to start properly, I was able to do a Google search and found a solution that worked fine the difficulty was every time I wanted to start the program I had to implement this specific command line text to get the program to start correctly.

After several weeks of doing this I got to the point where I was very frustrated with having to do this and am in the process of a trying another e-mail program to see how it works and see if I’m more comfortable with this new program.

This is always a possible answer is well to use another application, I only suggest this as a last resort because I know how individuals get comfortable with a particular program and it’s difficult to switch to say nothing of the fact that you have to import as in my case all my e-mail list, my contacts, my calendars etc. over to the new program.

So if indeed you do end up trying a different program I highly suggest running the new program as well as the old program if possible so for a time just to make sure that everything is working properly in the new program before removing the old application that is no longer working correctly.

If you have any comments questions or concerns please feel free to e-mail me at darrell@computerswithease.com you can also visit my website which is www.computerswithease.com thank you very much.

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